12/31/16  Transmission Flush  168186  $127.56
After swapping the radiator I had a shop flush the transmission fluid.

12/26/16  Radiator Replacement  168175  $257.88
The aftermarket radiator installed this time last year developed a leaky transmission cooling line connection so I replaced it with an OEM radiator. Flushed coolant system and had a shop flush the transmission fluid.

12/26/16  Variable Valve Timing Solenoid  168175  $30.00

12/26/16  Hood Lift Support Struts  168175  $29.00

11/23/16  Changed Coils and Plugs 167665  $134.94

11/22/16  Oil Change  166902 $45.62

08/01/16  Oil Change  156960 $45.62

04/06/16  Transmission Rebuild  152700  $2,656.00
A trip to Moab flushed out a symptom of the transmission slipping to neutral when opening the throttle for freeway passing or access. We took it easy on the trip avoiding the very thing we went there for and made it home without any problems. The next day, Drive was gone and it would only manually shift into reverse, first and second. Hurricane Auto pulled the transmission, sent it to Salt Lake City for the rebuild and installed it back into the H3 in less than a four working days.

02/26/16 Tire Rotation 150678

12/22/15  Radiator Replacement $128.33
After hunting for a slow leak for longer than I'd care to admit to, and after replacing every radiator hose and clamp, and after researching on H3 forums the elusive leak, I replaced the radiator. One of a handful of achilles heels on the H3 is its radiator design and mount that makes it vulnerable to an eventual fail at the top of the radiator where the cooling fins are framed by the plastic top of the radiator. The leak occurs up and under the recess for the fins on the front of the radiator where it rubs against the cross-member sheet metal.

The replacement is pretty straight forward with a couple of considerations. Be sure the transmission cooler is freed from the radiator. Inspect, replace if necessary and swap all radiator mount bushings. It's obvious that the fan shroud needs to be removed for the swap, but there's no need to remove the fan. An invaluable tool is a remote locking radiator hose clip removal tool since the lower hose connection to the block is tough to get to.

12/15/15  Oil Change 146257 $41.42

10/12/15  Rear Brake Pads  $52.05
Replacement on the rear pads is perhaps the easiest maintenance on the H3 other than fluids. Be sure to check for rotor wear and correct if necessary.

09/09/15  Front Brake Pads Installed  $185.90
Had this done at a local shop since I wanted the rotors turned as well.

08/06/15  Wheel Alignment 138850  $85.03
Had this done after adjusting torsion bars for a modest front end lift.

07/02/15  DieHard Gold GP 86 Battery  $182.13
Once I installed the H3's last amp-drawing accessory, the 9500lb winch, I upgraded the battery.

06/13/15  Bilsteins rear shock replacement  $71.25

06/13/15  K&N Air Filter  $49.99

05/29/15  Oil Change 134165 

05/29/15  Tire Rotation 134186

03/24/15 Transmission Cooler Lines Install  $213.21
We took an impromptu trip to Toroweap and when I aired down I noticed fluid on the front frame. I checked all fluids under the hood and everything was right where I had filled it, so I completed the air-down and we continued another 90 miles to the canyon and then back to Hurricane. Going over Mount Trumbull in the Spring is a deep slog in snow and runoff and we returned duly dirty, but with a twist.
Mud wasn't sticking to areas saturated with transmission fluid. The other clue to the leak were the puddles forming just aft of the the radiator. A quick look revealed that the transmission cooling lines had rubbed together at a bend to the point of line failure. New lines were installed with a separator keeping things in place.

11/14/14  Bilsteins front shock replacement  $88.56 
From what I can tell by records and wear, the H3 had the OEM shocks at 125k miles. Its handling is lethargic and reminiscent of an old Buick Electra in its floating feel, characteristics no one wants in an adventure vehicle.  

After researching applications and reviews I decided to replace the front shocks with a pair of Bilstein 5100 Series shock absorbers. The installation is straight forward though one might think it necessary to access the shock tops through the engine bay - it's not. It's all accessible within the wheel well.

07/25/14  PCM Upgrade
I've received and installed the upgraded PCM from PCM of NC and I have to say that the H3 has awakened. All that was promised has been delivered and then some - more torque and pull off the line and up the slope, remarkably better throttle response, better shift points on acceleration both on and off road, better use of low range exploiting the I5's torque. I've yet to get enough data on fuel efficiency, but I have to say for the price, the result is well worth it.

I'm baffled why the I5 H3 didn't leave the factory this way. Would have saved GM considerable grief in mediocre performance evaluations, perhaps even the demise of the marque.

05/03/14  Waterpump  $40.90

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