Bugout-Bag Retainer

Stowage is hard to come by in the H3 when it's configured and packed for overlanding, making me evaluate any possible nook as a space to store gear. I keep a bug-out-bag (BOB) on board at all times and have been stuffing it under the dog deck making it difficult to retrieve in a hasty egress.

Enter the passenger-side rear window well, a six inch deep, 11" x 22" (roughly) vertical space, coming close to the dimensions of my BOB. While obscuring this window appears to reduce blind-spot visibility, I found little visual loss from the driver position when checking through the rear passenger door window.

Having kayaked for decades I thought to use a Bungee Deck Kit from Yak-Gear and adapt it to the periphery of the window well. The kit consists of six pad eyes and two J-hooks along with mounting hardware for a kayak deck. I replaced the hardware with 3/16" aluminum rivets with a 1/2 to 5/8 grip range. The kit also include ten feet of 1/4" bungee cord that I measured with the BOB in place, cut to fit and crimped.
The BOB is held snug up and out of the way, yet easy to retrieve should the ship ever go down. Heaven forbid.

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