Bilsteins & Leveling

From what I can tell by records and wear, the H3 had the OEM shocks at 125k miles. Its handling is lethargic and reminiscent of an old Buick Electra in its floating feel, characteristics no one wants in an adventure vehicle.  

After researching applications and reviews I decided to replace the shocks at all four corners with Bilstein 5100 Series shock absorbers. The installation is straight forward though one might think it necessary to access the shock tops in the front through the engine bay - it's not. It's all accessible within the wheel well. 
The rear install is a snap. 
After the install I adjusted the torsion bars on both sides while the vehicle was still on jack stands and before I remounted the wheels. The bars terminate just behind the B-pillars where the adjustment points can be found. 
I tightened these 27mm bolts two and on half turns, increasing the tension on the torsion bars, and combined with the Bilsteins, lifted the front end, reaching more of a level stance. This adjustment resulted in a 22-inch distance between the wheel center and the bottom of the fender, compared to the rear distance of 23 inches.

I modified the Montero with Old Man Emu suspension components and was amazed by the difference in handling and performance. I can say the same for the Bilsteins and the leveling - improved turn-in, firmer suspension, better feedback, less diving, remarkably more responsive. Having been an OME convert, I felt I may be cutting corners with the Bilsteins, but so far, both on and off-road, I'm very satisfied. Time will tell on their durability. 

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