Blue Sea ST Blade Fuse Block

Blue Sea ST Blade Fuse Block
The H3 got a Blue Sea fuse block added to provide six extra circuits for powered accessories such as the Hella 700ff lamps, a CB, and rear work lamps.

Blue Sea Systems make a variety of marine and automotive application 12v fuse blocks. The ST Blade box comes in 6 and 12 circuits with or without a negative bus. I won't be adding many accessories so I opted for the six circuit ST Blade with the negative bus to make grounding something I won't have to troubleshoot.

The ST Blade is mounted to the top of H3's battery box cover between the battery posts. It's powered from the positive post with a 6AWG wire that terminates to a Scorpion 100A breaker with a jump cable made from the same wire to the fuse block. The breaker was mounted in the recess next to the battery box vent to allow clearance for the fuse box cover below to be removed.

A 6 AWG Duralast battery cable grounds the ST Blade to the H3's chassis.

It's current configuration:

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