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H2O to the H3

The dog deck was built to accommodate two six-gallon water cans below it that sit the in rear-seat foot wells.

These work well for long hauls, but I wanted a way to store less water for every-day use without twelve gallons constantly sloshing around.

I've kept a 4L MSR dromedary bag in the BOB and thought to find a place where that could stow out of the way but still be accessible to water the dogs on their daily outings and have some on hand for our own hikes, as well as for emergency use.

The MSR dromedary bag has a perimeter webbing that makes it easy to hang and attach. I suspended it from the seatbelt anchor on the C pillar and clipped it to the Safari Strap to keep it from bouncing around. I picked up a 10L bag for the driver side, pictured at the top of this post.
The spouts are accessible to fill dog dishes or camel backs and despite interior temps, the water stays relatively cool. I'm thinking I'll return the 4L back to the BOB and replace it with a 10L on the pa…

Video Update

The condition of interior modifications two years into the H3 build.