Seat Back Pack

The H3's front seats have a small cargo stowage system on the back of each that serve little practical purpose and when packed just a smidgeon beyond their capacity, detach from the seat back and spill the contents in the rear footwell. It's the worst designed feature of the H3's interior.

If you've been following this build you know I've gone through a couple of versions of creating an application using the seat back for better storage, but none to my satisfaction - either too much or not enough.

This year for Fathers' Day my thoughtful kids gave me the Condor camera bag pictured above, a 9"x12"x8" padded bag with a front zipper pocket with a mesh pocket and sleeves. The photo gear I use tucks away into another bag fitted for another compartment, so I repurposed the Condor bag to hold foul weather gear and other items for our travels, and devised a way to attach it to the driver-side seat back.

I had a duplicated order of a Yak Gear Kayak Deck Kit, the same kit used for the bug-out bag retainer, and thought to create a cleat on the seat back that would take the elastic cord from four MOLLE Web Dominators, that create mounting points on MOLLE panels.
The mount is snug and solid, taking the weight of the bag and its contents. The bag appears to be resting on the dog deck, but is actually suspended. 

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